2. User Administration

Next, add a user for yourself in the portal. Portal administrative tasks are performed on the Enterprises Admin portlet. Only users who have admin rights can access this portlet.

Adding a New User

Adding Roles to a User

Now that you've created a new user for yourself, log out of the portal and log in as your new user. You will notice that the portlets you added for the default user are no longer on the screen. You'll need to add the portlets you want back on, and they will be there the next time you log in as the same user. This is because each new user starts off with the same set of portlets. Like just about everything in the Liferay Portal this can be customized to your preference. If you are interested in adding your own organization and location then continue reading. Otherwise feel free to skip ahead to the next section or you can always read the detailed Security and Permissions chapter in the Liferay Portal Users Guide.

Adding an Organization

Adding a Location

Now that you have Organizations and Locations you can add Roles to these groups just like you would with a user.

Adding a Location to an Organization

Adding Users to an Organization or Location Group

That's it. You now know enough about user administration to manage an entire company. Experiment with the your own user group hierarchies to obtain the kind of organization and permissioning that your application requires.