4. Using the Content Management System

One of the core features built into Liferay Portal is the Content Management System (CMS). The CMS provides functionality in two major areas: document management (repositories for documents and images) and publishing. Document management allows you to store, index, and access all electronic documents that you have uploaded to portal. Publising provides a clean separation between your website content and the layout and presentation of that content. You will begin by adding one of your documents to the portal, and then you will learn to design a new page with web content.

Adding a Document to Document Library

Suppose you have a document on your computer right now that you want to share with others in your company or with specific members of your team.

You have just uploaded a document. You can now customize security access for this document folder by clicking on the Permissons icon for your folder.

Publishing Content

Creating and publishing content in the CMS is done through the Journal portlet. It is highly recommended that you read over the Content Management System chapter of the Users Guide to understand the various components that make up the CMS and how they work. This section will show you how to create a simple article that you can publish to a page. We will be creating three components to display our content: a structure, a template, and an article.

Adding a Structure

Now that you have a structure that specifies what type of components you want to work with in your article you will also need a template that specifies how these components will be arranged and styled.

Adding a Component

If you do not have text content and an image you want to add to the site you will need to find some now. We will be putting your content into an article for publishing.

Adding an Article

You now have an Article created, but it must be approved before you can use the article. Each article created in the CMS needs to be reviewed and approved by a CMS admin before it can be published. Select the article you've created in the Journal Portlet. Click the Edit button and then click Approve. Your article is now ready to be published.


You have just posted your first Journal Content on the Liferay Portal CMS. This was a simple example, but it provided you with a general understanding of how the CMS works. Each article can also have specific permissions set on it or be placed on the main home page or in a secure page. It's all customizable and it's up to you how you use it.